Back to Basics


We want to explore with you what the Christian faith is really about.

We’re not here to twist your arm. We’re not here to force you to change your mind. We’re not here to argue with you or tell you you’re wrong. We’re not here to push you into belief that you don’t have.


Just explore.

Still here? Great. If you are, Back to Basics might be exactly what you’re looking for.

Jesus loved curiosity. He asked a lot of questions—339, depending on who you ask. And he was asked a lot of questions in return (over 160, for those keeping score at home). Maybe you have questions and curiosities—questions like Who was Jesus, really? and What does he teach? and What are we supposed to do with that? and maybe even Why should it matter to me?

Well, come explore with us.

Back to Basics is a no-cost, once-a-week, five-session seminar on Christianity—the basics. You can come eat a delicious light supper, enjoy a glass of wine, and hopefully get some questions answered. We’ll be offering free and engaging childcare for your little ones while you learn. Whether you’re non-religious and just interested in learning more, a lapsed Christian looking to get back into the practice, or a churchgoer who just needs a refresher, this is for you.

What you do with the information given is your own journey—


           but we hope to be a memorable, thought-provoking stop on the path.

Back to Basics will be running five consecutive Wednesday nights from 6:30 to 8:00 PM starting on September 13th, with the last session on October 11th. The seminars will be held here at Indian Hill Church, which is located at 6000 Drake Road, 45243.

Does Back to Basics cost anything?

No. Knowledge should be as accessible as possible, don’t you think? Especially about something we think is so important. Donations to help cover food and wine are appreciated, but not required.

I'm not a member of Indian Hill Church. Can I attend?

Absolutely. The more, the merrier. Community is one of the best parts about Christianity.

I'm not a Christian. Am I welcome? Are you going to proselytize at me?

Non-Christians and non-religious friends are absolutely welcome. This is designed to be a teaching experience, not a conversion experience. If you decide you WANT to spend more time with us after everything is said and done, great! But we’d prefer your experience to be positive and non-judgmental.

I have a food allergy. Can you accommodate me?

Of course. During registration, you can tell us anything you need us to know about dietary restrictions and allergies, among other accessibility needs.

I have kids. Can I bring them?

We offer no-cost childcare in our nursery with volunteers who have been through the child safety training required by our Church. We’ll be doing games, stories, crafts, and all kinds of fun stuff with them to keep them engaged while you learn.

Do I need to do or read anything before I arrive?

Nope. Everything will be provided and covered for you once you arrive.

Are you ready to satisfy your spiritual curiosity and get Back to Basics?