Welcome to the life and ministry of Indian Hill Church! We are so glad you are here. We invite and welcome you to join us in worship and community.  We are a unique faith community, one of only a few dual denomination congregations in the United States and the only dual Episcopal-Presbyterian congregation.

We believe God calls us to be a Christian community, actively engaged in transforming lives through our living faith in Jesus Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit. You are invited to worship here and to discover ways to grow your faith, serve in ministry to others, and build relationships through fellowship. All are welcome.

Indian Hill Church is a dual denomination community of over 500 members in the Village of Indian Hill. We are a unique community of believers that worships in both Presbyterian and Episcopalian worship styles. We are an intergenerational and active congregation, and known for our community outreach, great teaching, and inspiring music. In addition to worship, we have a fun and welcoming community for adults, children, families and youth, and adult education offerings covering many varied interests. Our diverse community is composed of Presbyterians, Episcopalians, Protestants, Catholics, and many dual denominational families. Our community welcomes you wherever you are on your faith journey. 

Learn about the history of our one-of-a-kind church

 The history of Indian Hill Church began in 1931 as a neighborhood Sunday school and blossomed into a unique experiment in unity and ecumenicalism.

Family Ministry

Families of all kinds are welcome at IHC. Find out more about how you can shape the spiritual life of your family with our many family fellowship events, service projects, and worship opportunities.

See our Sunday worship schedule

Whether you join us at 8:00 or 10:00, or stop by for one of our 11:30 Young Family Services, there’s an IHC service to meet your needs.

Life at IHC

There’s always something going on at IHC. Between our different ministries, we seek to actively involve our church community with opportunities that let them walk the path that God has set in their lives. See what life at the Indian Hill Church looks like.

Fellowship Opportunities

Life at the Indian Hill Church is vibrant. Our opportunities for fellowship and community have something for everyone and are open to all.

Youth Ministry

The future of our church is in the hands of our creative, collaborative, community-oriented youth. Learn about our active, lively youth program and how we meet them where they are on their faith journey.