Our Committees

In addition to our various ministries, we have standing committees that are broadly responsible for our congregational life.  A brief description of each committee follows.  Most of the committees meet monthly and are chaired by members of Vestry-Session.  If you would like to serve on one of these committees, please contact the Clergy or the chairperson of the committee that interests you.

Building & Grounds

The Mission of the IHC Buildings and Grounds Committee is to enhance our beautiful worship environment. The Committee will be a “good steward” in the day-to-day operations and maintenance of facilities while respecting and nurturing the long term landmark status of the historic buildings and natural grounds of the Church. 

Working in conjunction with the Board of Stewards and the Vestry-Session, the Buildings and Grounds Committee is responsible for the physical quality of the church buildings and grounds, with the intent that these facilities glorify the God whose name they bear, augment the delivery of Church programs/missions and enhance the community and neighborhood.

Co-Chairs:  Whitley Schoeny and Casey Ward

Youth Program

The Youth Program at Indian Hill Church consists of 2 age group categories: our Middle School Youth Group (grades 6-8) and our High School Youth Group (grades 9-12). These groups meet at least 3 times a month on Sunday evenings. The groups gather separately most times but will also come together for group meetings several times a year. Meetings consist of fellowship, conversations about faith and faith formation, and service project work. 

Additionally, each summer, students have the opportunity to attend a week-long service trip. The trip to rural Tennessee through Mountain T.O.P. is open to students who have graduated 7th grade through those who have graduated 12th grade. High school students can also choose to participate in two additional service trips: an “urban plunge” through St. Vincent de Paul, and a trip to the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota through Re-Member.

Staff Contact: Amy Clark

Children’s Education

The fundamental goal of the Indian Hill Church children’s program is to create a lifelong faith and relationship with Jesus Christ in every child in a fun, engaging and relevant manner. Indian Hill Church Family Ministry strives to develop the family as a community of faith by equipping parents and grandparents to transmit the Christian faith at home

Contact: Beth Rabenold

Membership Development

The mission of the Membership Committee of the Indian Hill Church is to invite, retain, and appreciate members of the congregation.

The Membership Development Committee will carry out its mission through the work of three teams: Fellowship Team, Membership Development Team and Marketing Team.

Contact: Kitsa Rhoad

Pastoral Care

The primary missions of the Pastoral Care Committee are to serve the congregation in times of illness, other difficulties, and to provide assistance at weddings and funerals held at Indian Hill Church.

Through preparing meals, sending cards, providing transportation, making phone calls and lending a helping hand, we reach out to those in need in our church community. We welcome those who are visiting our church for important events such as weddings or funerals. Wedding hospitality volunteers attend both the rehearsal and the wedding, assisting the bridal party before the ceremony and helping with the processional. Funeral volunteers arrive before the service to offer assistance to the family gathering in the library to help greet guests. Our committee also delivers altar flowers to the homebound.

Contact: Maya LaLonde


The Personnel Committee serves the mission of the Indian Hill Church by recruiting the most highly qualified staff possible and by supporting them through salary, benefits training, development and recognition of their work.

Contact: Allison Holzapfel

Church and Community

Funding for outreach programs is provided by the Vestry-Session based on money received through the Annual Stewardship Campaign. Money for new programs is provided through the Luther Tucker Outreach Fund.

Various nonprofit organizations submit grant applications to the Committee and the Committee decides whether to fund these activities and how much funding to provide.  Preference is given to nonprofit organizations that meet our mission and organizations for which members of our congregations are actively involved through their volunteer efforts.

The Committee provides updates on our volunteer activities the Year-End Report at the Annual Meeting and through the weekly church emails and social media posts.

Co-chair Contacts: Holly Dewees and Beth Rabenold


To provide financial oversight for Indian Hill Church through budgeting and financial planning, financial reporting, and the creation and monitoring of internal controls and accountability policies designed to keep the Indian Hill Church fiscally sound.

Responsibilities of the Committee shall include but are not limited to providing financial oversight for the church, financial planning, financial reporting and the oversight of the internal controls and accountability policies.

Contact:  Coco Taliaferro

Stewardship & Planned Giving 

The Stewardship Committee is responsible for the annual campaign to raise funds for the usage of the Church and Congregation.  This will include a period set aside for the promotion of this object and a specific goal set to achieve.

Co-chair Contacts: Malott Nyhart or Alison Zimmerman

Worship Committee

The Worship Committee at Indian Hill Church works with Clergy to establish the schedule of worship services during the year, seeking to provide a variety of dynamic worship services and music within the Episcopal and Presbyterian traditions. 

The Worship Committee is responsible for many of the lay aspects of the worship service, including ushers, acolytes, Lay Eucharist Ministers, Elders serving communion, the altar guild, and seasonal flower decorations.

Contact: David Park

Long Range Planning

Developing and periodically reassessing and revising the Church’s Vision Statement. Identifying and prioritizing the Church’s annual Vision Goals that Vestry-Session and the various Committees will pursue over the course of a year.